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  • What are moving lights? What are fixtures?
    In the professional world of stage lighting, a moving light, also referred to as a fixture, is a controllable light that can be moved in a pan and tilt configuration. Some lights may move 360 degrees. Most common moving lights such as spot, wash and profile fixtures are limited in there tilt abilities, however can infinitely pan. These lights are controllable using DMX 512. For more information on DMX 512 go to our lighting page or contact one our our customer service representatives.
  • Are Moving lights easily controlled?
    Yes and no. most consumer/professional moving and static lights offer built in programs that offer basic functions. these may go to sound or by remote such as changing colors. However more skilled technical knowledge including software or a DMX controller is required to program more sophisticated shows using more then one light. Theres tons of videos online and Youtube on how DMX 512 works and controlling lights, feel free to check it out! Premier Stage & Lighting Designs also offers design services and offers free technical support for products purchased on our website.
  • I'm a lighting professional and i don't see any name brand lights?
    Rest assured, we are working to get more products including name brand on our site as quickly as possible. While we love working with and operating fixtures such as Elation, Chauvet and Martin our distributors and manufactures we operate our shopping platform on doesn't offer bigger brands yet. We are working on establishing relations with these brands and look forward to announcing soon. In the mean time our products we currently sell are hand picked for quality, ratings and overall awesomeness!
  • Are products made in the USA? i see some items from China?
    Our main suppliers SHEHDS, Yuer, Moka SFX and V-Show are china Based lighting manufactures. Most also have warehouses in the US. We've hand picked and worked with suppliers to offer quality and affordable products to our clients. We make ever efforts to ship goods directly from US warehouses which offers faster shipping. For items shipped from China we work with shipping partners that offer fast deliveries within 13 days. Some of our products come from US manufacturers. Lets face it theres bad reputation out there regarding china made lighting fixtures. Theres plenty of manufacturers including name brands who also use "china made" materials or are not even US based companies. All our products are safety tested and meet all safety standards and offer the same great quality users expect from comparable items at a fraction of the cost. If you are not completely satisfied we offer a 14 day money back Guarantee. We also offer protection plans that extends warrantees for your products and offer maintenance packages so you can rest assured your investment will stay up and running.
  • Are these lights as good as brand names?
    Most reputable brands offer comprehensive customer support, repairs and maintenance which makes their products stand out from the rest. Apart from that, Most brand companies still use overseas manufactures to produce their products. PSLD works directly with these same manufactures to offer quality products that meet or exceed expectations and are tested for safety and compliance. We also offer customer technical support, training and maintenance. For more information about how our lights are manfactured feel free to give us a call
  • Is there a return policy?
    Yes. Theres a 14 day money back Guerentee. We also offer Protection Plans to extend your products warentee
  • Is there Fixture Profiles available?
    Yes. Your product should include a manual which includes the available fixture profile information. You may need to manual patch in a generic fixture and add the parameteres manually. MA, Avolites and Charmsys all offer capabilities to manually address and patch fixtures, and even include a patch folder for SHEHDS and V-Show. We also regularly update manufacture fixture profiles on our website under our about us page under "lighting". PSLD also offers technical support and setup should you run into any issues setting up and patching your fixtures.
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